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Teaching a new class November 29, 2012

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This semester has one more week to go.  I have been teaching a new class in Ecological Genetics; writing it as I go along.  Haven’t had to do this for an entire semester before.  It has taken up a lot of time.  It will be good at the end to have this course “in the can”.  Also, it’s good to get current on this topic again.


Pokemon battle

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Drawn by Ru-Jun today


It’s hard not to think of November 27, 2012

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teaching responsibilities as theft of research time.  Some days.


Ru-Jun caught up on sleep November 26, 2012

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Ru-Jun slept from 8PM last night to 9AM today and also had a nap at school this afternoon.  She is tired-ish tonight.  But it might be hard getting her to sleep tonight.  Last night was wonderful, though…


Last vacation day November 25, 2012

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Ru-Jun has not napped for three days in a row.  Tonight after dinner, I managed to get her to take her meds and brush her teeth and then she went into her bedroom with the ipad to watch cartoons while I took a shower.  She probably won’t stay asleep but this is really how it should go, with her falling asleep at 8.  Mom and Dad are going back tomorrow.  They had a good visit and I enjoyed the break from the kitchen. Barbara visited today and had a nice visit with Shian-Ren and Ru-Jun while I was at the lab.


Winding Down November 24, 2012

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Winding down here at the Castle.  Went to an extremely cold SBU football game today with my Dad. We enjoyed it.  SBU won. Ru-Jun was at her sitter’s extra long, but loved it and didn’t want to leave (kind of).  My parents put up our Christmas decorations.  Shian-Ren had a good friend visit (Yuan) for a couple of hours this afternoon.  The custard pie treats she brought were excellent.


Coping with a cold November 23, 2012

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The last few days. Getting better now. Has made it extra exhausting entertaining Ru-Jun during this holiday break. She has been pretty good for the most part, just a bit tired and recovering from an episode of congestion and lung irritation.


TG day November 22, 2012

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Today has gone OK, although I’m under the weather with a cold.  Medicating with Ibuprofen and Tylenol alternating every 4-5 hrs.  Got some lab stuff done, went to the playground.  Qinghong and Jae are visiting but they don’t want to stay for dinner.  Dinner after that.



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Should be a relaxing holiday. A brief trip to the lab to do a few things. Can’t go for very long because our aide has the day off. It’s been nice not having to cook this week.


Go Fish November 20, 2012

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My Dad bought a deck of Disney Princess Go Fish Cards for Ru-Jun and she had a good time learning (she had seen a similar game before) and playing.  She knows all the numbers except for 10.