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Erratic-ness of eating April 30, 2013

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Some days (maybe most days) Ru-Jun is a good eater.  It has been remarked upon by several other parents.  But some days she just doesn’t want to eat much (except for sweets).  Not clear why this is.  She intellectually knows what is good food versus unhealthy food.  I probably should limit her more but I’d like her to want to and learn to limit herself.


Painting April 29, 2013

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Ru-Jun really enjoys painting with water colors and temperas.  But she uses (wastes) a lot of paint and of course is quite messy with it.  I think it’s more about process and playing with the paint than about the final product.  I guess that’s typical for her age. Because of her interest I think we will sign her up for some art lessons this summer as a break from dance.


Pretty good Sunday too

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We had a very nice play date with Ru-Jun’s friend Maxsym at Heritage Park in Mount Sinai.  Then we went to Wendy’s for lunch (again) and to Stop n Shop.  Then we played outside for a bit and Ru-Jun did a little bike riding (with my help).  Sue and Alex from next door and Sue’s sister and her 3 yo boy David were out so we talked with them a bit.   Was a pretty nice day but with a chilly breeze.


Good day April 27, 2013

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No sitter today so I let Ru-Jun sleep in a bit.  After breakfast we went to the lab, then Wendy’s, then Stop n Shop and then home.  Then we went to the neighbors and she played with them for a good while.  She had a pizza dinner with them and then I brought her home.  She conked out and took a nap and now is sort of begging.  We’ll go up to bed soon.  Tomorrow we have a play date with her friend Maxsym.


Dress Rehearsal Fiasco April 26, 2013

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Ru-Jun and I missed the dress rehearsal for her ballet recital this afternoon.  We were actually at the site early (a high school) but there were no signs up and no way of knowing that it was the right place.  There were other possibilities, so I figured: no signs, not the right place.  After checking a few other locations that might be called the same school, we ended up at her dance studio, where they told me that we had the right place to begin with and to go back there and have Ru-Jun go through the routine and positioning with her teachers by herself; they’ll take the time because they want the kids to have been there and seen what to do.  So we showed up and the teachers went through it with Ru-Jun and she did great.  They were very understanding and it all turned out OK.  Still, this place needs to think more about logistics and needs to share information better.  I don’t expect that we will be re-enrolling with them in the fall.  On top of the logistical issues, they are expensive and seem to have some pretty extravagant expenses for parents built into their business plan.


Nice afternoon April 25, 2013

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Today was sunny and in the 60s.  I took Shian-Ren and Min to get manicure/pedicures and then I went to get Ru-Jun.  After that we all went to Cedar Beach and Ru-Jun ran around on the beach. It was nice to be out on a pretty day.


URECA celebration April 24, 2013

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My students gave four posters at today’s URECA student research and creativity event on campus.  They had a really good time and did a great job. I’m really glad they could be recognized.  They’ve worked hard and deserve it.