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Family pics Nov-Dec 2010 January 2, 2011

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Raking Leaves – Nov 2010

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New Family Pics October 30, 2010

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Things are going well. We have all been really busy. But as you’ll see from the photos we have a lot of great memories from the last few months. Now that JT is teaching less, there should be more updates. SR is improving and we expect to have her home by Thanksgiving. Her therapy will continue for quite some time after that. It will be great to all be together again where we belong. RJ is growing in leaps and bounds and is enoying the fall and Halloween season. Our family and friends continue to support us with their love and help and we are very very grateful…


The Next Phase August 17, 2010

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Starting this weekend, Shian-Ren will be able to come home during the day on weekends. She will still be staying at the rehab center for the foreseeable future for intensive therapy, which continues to go well. However, now on most weekend days I will pick her up in the late mornings and drive her to our house and bring her back in the early evening. We are very excited to have her come home and that we can move on to this next phase.


Recent slide shows August 6, 2010

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July Aug 2010

June July 2010

May June 2010



Continued progress July 17, 2010

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We hope everyone is having a great summer. We are doing well. Shian-Ren continues to improve. She is eating medium-coarse food (ground meat and cooked veggies) and making great strides with movement and starting to speak. Ru-Jun is growing and developing in leaps and bounds and sees her Mommy on weekends and is coping well. We hope to have Shian-Ren back home by mid-Fall.

Thanks so much for everyone’s thoughts and good wishes through e-mail and snail mail and in person. We are amazingly fortunate to have so much support from all over the world.


A somewhat dramatic development June 27, 2010

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Yesterday, SR and I were sitting together, both trying to catnap. My parents were close by reading. RJ and Barb and Emma had just visited and had gone back to Barb’s for the afternoon. I looked over at SR and she was lifting her left leg about 6 inches and flexing her foot upward. We both sort of realized what she was doing at the same time. She vocalized an exclamation. I looked over and asked if that was new and she nodded. She started touching her leg with her right arm, whose movement and strength have been steadily improving all along. Then I asked her if she could feel me touching her left leg. She said she could. We tried from the thigh down and she said she had feeling. All of this stuff with the left leg was new. She was excited. We told my parents and I asked if she wanted to go to her room (we were planning to go there to watch the soccer game, which was just starting). I wanted to have the nurse check her vital signs; I was a bit worried about the sudden change. We did that and she was totally OK, so nothing to worry about. We told the nurse and a couple of the aids about SR’s new movement. They were very happy. The PT therapist will also be very happy Monday when he sees this. SR said she had been trying to do this for a while. She also reached over and worked with her left arm for a while after this. This will need more work but hopefully will come along also, especially in light of the new improvement in the left leg. The feeling in her left leg appears to be intermittent; it went away after that but hopefully will return, maybe like after a limb is ‘asleep’. But the movement is definite and repeatable (although SR said it was much more tiring than moving her right leg). It was an exciting series of moments. The doctors told us not to expect improvement in this sudden fashion, but they also implied that improvement would not be linear. I guess this is what they meant by that.

Today we’ll relax together with family time again and Monday starts another new week of therapy work. Both legs doing things will really be a big difference for getting everything working for SR.


First Meal June 23, 2010

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As I type, SR is having her first real meal, a lunch of pureed veggies and gravy on either potatoes or rice. This is still on a therapy basis, which is why I am not in the room with her. She didn’t want me there anyway. She wants to get some practice in. But we’ll be eating actual meals together again soon!


May June 2010 Family Pictures June 19, 2010

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Stories for Ru-Jun June 16, 2010

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Shian-Ren continues to make improvements every day in all aspects of her rehab. Yesterday she ate chocolate pudding; the first food she has eaten in two months. She is in good spirits and is determined to improve as quickly as she can. We hope that she can be home with us this fall.

I have been making up stories and songs for Ru-Jun (with Ru-Jun’s help) quite a bit over the last couple of months. I thought it would be nice to write them here. First the cast of characters (names in boldface were provided by Ru-Jun:

Charlie the Triceratops
Tom the Tractor
Baxter the Snake
Steve the Squirrel
Lootie the Chipmunk
Roy the Rooster
Gwell the Hen
Gretchen the Hen
Myrtle the Snapping Turtle
Henry the Bird
Cho Cho the Deer

and now all the vehicles (some of these originate from a book that she has)

Danny the Dozer
Luke the Loader
Leak the Loader
Grady the Grader
Eddie the Excavator
Barnie the Backhoe
Gary the Guai Shou (Chinese for “Monster Hand”; which is used for excavator)
Bert the Dump Truck
Fred the Flatbed Truck
Tina the Little Pink Guai Shou
Juice the Workman Truck
O the Guai Shou Truck (truck with a picker arm, e.g. Verizon trucks)
Leela the Bicycle (girl)
Peela the Motorcycle (boy)
Peter the Ambulance
Tika the Pickup Truck (boy)
Kuh Kuh the Garbage Truck
Pocky the Eel (Daddy: Is Pocky a girl or a boy? RJ: Not anything) (i.e. hermaphrodite)
Paoli the Boat
Titi the Giraffe (boy)
Will the School Bus
Bibi the Roller (i.e. one of these)

I probably missed a few.
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