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Trick or treating October 31, 2012

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Trick or treating

Our Trick our Treating Group. Ru-Jun, Emma, and two students from Emma’s mom’s lab.


Went uptown this afternoon October 30, 2012

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to the store.  Several trees/telephone poles/street lights down. Only traffic lights working were on the main highway.  Not a lot of people in the store.  I got the impression that most people around here don’t have power back yet.  Like I said yesterday, we got lucky.


Lost power

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From about 4-9PM yesterday. So we had a cold, dark dinner. But it came back and overall we had an OK night despite the unsettling wind gusts. Today will still be windy but things should be gradually calming down. Hopefully back to a normal schedule tomorrow. We got lucky compared to NYC and other areas that are now severely flooded.


Wind October 29, 2012

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Starting to howl out there. It will get worse through the day and into tomorrow night. Everything is cancelled for tomorrow and will likely be for Tuesday as well. We expect to lose power. Only questions are when and for how long.


Change of plans October 27, 2012

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Because the storm is predicted to spend a lot of time inland and go right over western NY, we decided to sit tight here.  We don’t want to get trapped up there unable to come back because of problems with roads/bridges/flooding (these have been unfortunately common in recent years).  So I did a big shopping trip this morning and I’ll get the stuff outside all put away tomorrow.  We expect to lose power for at least a day or two.  SBU will probably be closed Monday and Tuesday, looks like.  We’ll see how things go.


Sandy is chasing us out October 26, 2012

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We’re bugging out Sunday morning for Palmyra, which will be cold and rainy but should be mostly out of the storm.  This could be worse for LI than Irene – larger storm and slower moving.  I don’t have to teach until Thursday and if Tuesday classes are cancelled I don’t have to teach at all next week (exam on Tuesday to be given by my TA can be given on Thursday).


Sandy October 25, 2012

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Looks like we may need to bug out Sunday.  The trajectories of the hurricane are still way up in the air though.  We’ll wait another 24h or so to decide. The plan will be to head up to Palmyra.  My course has an exam on Tuesday, which I can have the TA administer.


Nap status October 24, 2012

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Ru-Jun “rests” (with the older cohort of kids) in her room in pre-K.  But she often takes a nap, sometimes a long one, in the early afternoon when they do this.  It’s pretty variable though.  The last two days she clearly hasn’t had much of a nap.  This needs to be the case a year from now.  She will probably take a while getting used to it and we don’t expect her to fully be a non-napper until she is actually going to kindergarten.


Some nights October 23, 2012

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It’s just unspeakably frustrating what is demanded of me.  And I can barely get 5 minutes to myself. Brain-withering.  And to be honest, spirit-withering as well.


Butterflies October 22, 2012

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The drawing. Actually one of the bitterfly Pokemon. Her drawings keep getting more skillful and intricate. And she seems to be left-handed these days.