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The well-rested Ru-Jun November 30, 2013

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is a very good and cooperative (and good eating) Ru-Jun. When she is tired, that’s when the problems begin.  Always.


A nice trip

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Everything went well on our trip to MA.  It was nice to see Melissa and her family and the girls played very well together and had fun.  We paid a visit to my friend Ina this morning.  We had a great chat with her and then headed home. The weather was cold but good for driving and there were no major traffic issues.  We have a new route to get there that is better than the one we took this summer.


Peppa Pig November 28, 2013

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A really fun British kids show on Nick Jr with cool art.  Ru-Ju just discovered whole bunches of complete episodes on youtube.  Excellent entertainment.


A quiet Thanksgiving November 27, 2013

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Mom and Dad are here and we’ll have a quiet day here, nothing special foodwise.  Shian-Ren, Ru-Jun and I are going to Massachusetts for an overnight to see Melissa’s family and Ina’s family like we did this past summer.  We survived the storm; it will be cold for the trip, but hopefully no rain or snow.


Storm on the way November 26, 2013

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Will get very windy tonight and drop 2-4″ of rain on us.  We still plan to go thru with a work/school day tomorrow but we’ll see if that’s possible in the morning.


Weird school schedule November 25, 2013

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Ru-Jun had today off and has a half day tomorrow (because of parent teacher conferences) and has a full, normal day on Wednesday.  I worked today and she stayed home with Grandma and Grandpa and Mommy and Min and it went pretty well.  Tomorrow she has extended after care.  I have a meeting with her teacher while she is at that. Wendesday I have off but will probably work most of the day.  Shian-Ren had therapy today and has some Wednesday. After the conference I will take her and Min for manicure/pedicures.


A saying November 24, 2013

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A saying I coined not too long ago: Karma doesn’t exist, but apparent karma does.