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Fun trick or treating October 31, 2013

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It was nice weather for trick or treating. Cloudy but the rain held off. And it was in the low 60s – balmy for late Oct.  Ru-Jun had a good time.  We immediately ran into two families from a few blocks away she knew from the bus.  So we went around with them.


Ru-Jun better October 30, 2013

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Ru-Jun had a good day at school today and did not complain about her ear, even though it probably still hurts a little.  Hopefully she will have a fun Halloween tomorrow.


Ear infection October 29, 2013

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Ru-Jun doesn’t often complain (consistently) about pain unless its serious.  She woke up in the middle of the night with ear pain and clearly did not sleep well.  So I kept her home from school and we got into the Dr. at 10:30.  She has an acute ear infection so we started antibiotic.  She took a nap this evening and then a shower and she says her ear feels quite a bit better.  Hopefully she’ll sleep well and be good for school tomorrow.


New winter coat October 28, 2013

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A few weeks ago we got Ru-Jun a new winter coat at costco.  Purple and very warm and a little on the big side.  It sat untried on until the other day and she wore it to school today.  She likes it and it should be good for at least this winter and possibly next winter also.


Excited for Halloween October 27, 2013

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Ru-Jun was going to be a snail but we saw a set of ladybug wings on the way into Joanne Fabrics and she changed her mind.  Joanne did not have any for sale so we went to Party City and she’s very excited. She designed a jack o lantern face and I carved her pumpkin tonight.  Thursday should be fun.  Hopefully we get decent weather.


whoops October 26, 2013

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Ru-Jun and I had a fight (she was being impatient and climbing on me and I was in an online chat with customer service at optimum trying to pay our bill online) and she stomped off in a huff and promptly fell asleep. Which is not good. She was supposed to take a bath tonight. She’ll wake up about 9 in a crabby mood and we probably won’t get the bath done but she’ll take until 11 to get back to sleep.
Oh well, parenting is like golf. There’s always another day, like another tee. Each tee is a new beginning.


I’m pretty sure October 25, 2013

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a lot, maybe even a majority, of men with established career trajectories would not deal with the burdens I deal with.  They would just go or somehow abdicate from the situation. No chance of me doing that because this is my responsibility and if I can do only one thing, this is what I have to do. But none of that reduces the cost of having to do this. Time is everything and this is an immense chunk of time.


lack of progress

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and regression on Ru-Jun’s part are pretty disheartening.  Lately it has been pretty bad, especially with trying to get her to eat any vegetables at dinner and the co-sleeping; nothing good in over a week now. Love is unconditional, but I am programmed to want progress and achievement and not wasting of abilities and I refuse to think that it is a bad thing to have expectations.  Otherwise nothing ever gets done or achieved.


Golden Eagles and Golden Snails October 23, 2013

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Ru-Jun’s kindergarten teacher gives out these little certificates called Golden Snails for particular examples of good individual behavior.  Ru-Jun has gotten 6 of these so far and she is really really happy to get them and is very proud of them. So tonight we started a system like this at home: the Golden Snail Award.  She has two so far, one for cleaning up her play area in the living room and one for cleaning up the shoe area near the front door.


Reversion October 22, 2013

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Ru-Jun is back to not trying very hard to get herself to sleep.  And she’s been pretty unwilling lately to eat even the veggies she likes. She’s over spoiled for sure, always has been.  But these days she is really pushing the envelope.