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homework October 9, 2014

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Ru-Jun’s homework started in earnest last week. On Monday she gets a packet and there is a menu to choose items from plus some math pages and this week some extra reading pages. It has to be turned in on Friday. It seems like a miracle when we get it done in time. When we get a chance to focus on it, Ru-Jun likes it and does well.


my tooth troubles

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My lower right 2nd from last molar (M1, I think, tooth #30) has been a little bit bothersome for years. But my dentist checked several times and indicated that there was no cavity. In August, I was driving a co-kart with Ru-Jun while chewing gum and I bit down (pretty hard) and something happened and it suddenly started hurting. Not long after that I had it checked out and it needed a small filling. It hurt a lot after that procedure, which turned out to be due to inflammation. Ibuprofen helped make the pain largely go away but it still didn’t feel right. Two weeks ago I noticed that the outer gum in between those back two molars was swollen. I hadn’t had anything like that happen since my early 20s, when I had periodontal disease in all four of those areas and had to have surgery. I flossed religiously after that and those problems never came back. But I suspected that this was an abscess so I saw a periodontist last Wednesday. She drained it and indicated that it was not periodontal but instead was an endodontal infection. She referred me to the same endodontist who did my root canal on the other side a couple years ago. Yesterday he took the top of the tooth off (it’s going to need a crown, if the tooth stays) and cleaned the area extensively. He wants the infection to completely clear up before he does a root canal. I’ll be back there in a couple weeks for him to take a look and fill the root canal if it has cleared up. Otherwise he’ll do some more cleaning and medicating of the area.


MRI today

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Shian-Ren got the liver MRI today. It went quite well. It’s really good do be doing this stuff at Stony Brook now.


not much time to blog

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I’ll try to catch up, but my schedule has been insane in the last month, between teaching and all the activities with Ru-Jun and medical appointments. Things are OK though.