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And again February 28, 2013

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Same thing happened today.  I got Ru-Jun fed and Shian-Ren in bed.  Now it’s time for Ru-Jun’s shower.  Going to be a late night…


Early Evening Nap February 27, 2013

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Ru-Jun didn’t nap at school but instead fell asleep on the way home.  She has done this a few times this winter.  Other times she has shown signs of not needing a nap.  I think she’s a bit behind on sleep this week.  She has been up late as I’ve been giving her freedom to try to go to sleep in her room.  No success yet.  But it’s a long term project…


bibs February 26, 2013

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This evening Ru-Jun got into the old bibs that were stored away in a kitchen cabinet. Right up until I took over her care, she wore a bib most of the time.  She was a big time drooler, and I think she was the only 2 year old in her infant/toddler room at day care who still wore a bib all day other than at meals. I still had her in a bib for a little while, but gradually stopped and accepted the dirty shirts. She drooled for quite a few months after that point.  But eventually she gained control of her saliva and has been fine in that department for a couple of years.


Uncontrollable Silliness February 25, 2013

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Ru-Jun shows it with me a lot (but not, I think, with the teachers at pre-K).  It’s a bit worrisome.  Hopefully it’s something she can grow out of.  It seems to be a product of physical play.  I’m a personal space person, so her need for physical contact has always been a bit uncomfortable for me.


Not for a scientist February 24, 2013

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Our home situation is good. Going pretty well considering. For many people that would be bluss, 100% satisfying. But my mind us always trying to do science. Not being able to work at even half my usual level is extremely frustrating. I am angrily jealous of people who have the luxury of being able to work as much as they want.


Not in a great mood

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Just got done folding and putting away laundry while Ru-Jun was busy making new messes.  She’s tired but no end of hyper attention-devouring energy.  Sunday’s I have no creativity like other parents.  I feel really isolated.  Everybody else has a social life with their kids and other families.  We really don’t right now.


Cleaning up February 23, 2013

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Ru-Jun spontaneously decided to clean up her room this evening and did quite a good job. She has also been organizing her clothes in her dresser somewhat as well. I guess progress happens when unexpected and in directions we are not pushing her at the moment.


our own post-apocalypse February 21, 2013

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I was picking up a couple of bins of Ru-Jun’s old toys and toy pieces down cellar just now.  I remember what all of them are and when/where we had them (Taiwan vs. here).  Ru-Jun dumps her toy boxes and they scatter all over the floor.  I remember the way we were when she played with many of them as a baby.  These things don’t go away.  We just live in a detritus of them.


February February 20, 2013

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has been cold and rough for the most part.  It struck me today that this is usually the case.  It’s just a tough time of the year.


A better day today February 19, 2013

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I really tried to be extra patient and not get mad, so as not to initiate the escalation I was talking about in the previous post.  So, no shoot outs.  But Ru-Jun still gets very stubborn and/or very uncontrollably silly, especially when she is tired, when she is told to do something unfun for her.  This is a problem.