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Fifa the Owl has Trouble Sleeping July 17, 2010

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There was once an owl named Fifa. Fifa lived in a nest in the tallest tree in the forest. Owls are active at night and sleep during the day. One morning, Fifa had had a really busy night and was very tired. He curled up in his bed and tried to sleep, but he couldn’t sleep. Something was making noise down below and making the tree go rustle, rustle, rustle.

Fifa called out to his friend Henry the Bird, who lived in the next tree over. “Henry, are you there?”

Henry replied, “Yes, Fifa, I’m here. What’s the matter?”

“I can’t sleep,” said Fifa.

“Why?” asked Henry.

“There is too much noise coming from down below,” replied Fifa. “Can you hear it?”

“Yes, I heard that,” said Henry. “I’ll fly down and see what it is.”

So Henry flew down to the ground and there he saw Gwell the construction worker lady and O the Guai Shou truck. They were fixing the telephone poles and telephone wires and trimming the trees, which is like giving the trees a hair cut. Henry then flew up to Fifa and told him what he had seen.

“Could you ask them to be more quiet?” asked Fifa. “And also, could you ask them how long they will be working down there?”

“OK, no problem.” said Henry, and he flew back down to where Gwell and O were working.

He first introduced himself to Gwell and O. “Hi, my name is Henry the Bird.”

“Hi,” said Gwell, “my name is Gwell and this is O, the Guai Shou Truck. What can we do for you?”

“Well,” replied Henry, “my friend Fifa is an owl and he lives in a nest in the top of this tree. Owls are active at night and they sleep during the day. He is trying to go to sleep right now and is having trouble because there is a lot of noise. He is wondering if you could be a little more quiet and also how long you will be working here.”

“Oh,” replied Gwell, “we’re so sorry. We didn’t mean to keep Fifa awake. We’ll try to be more quiet. We’ll probably be working here for about one more hour.”

“OK, thanks.” said Henry. “I’ll go tell Fifa.” And he flew up to tell Fifa.

“OK, thanks for asking them,” replied Fifa. And he continued to try to sleep.

About an hour passed and Gwell and O did make much less noise during that time. When they were getting ready to leave, Henry flew down to say goodbye to them.

“Thanks for being quieter,” said Henry. “It was nice to meet you.”

“Yes,” replied Gwell, “it was nice to meet you too. We are sorry that we kept Fifa awake. Is there anything we can do to help him? Is he hungry?”

“Yes,” said Henry, “I think he might be hungry.”

“Well,” replied Gwell, “what kind of food does he eat?”

“I think he eats meat,” replied Henry.

“Hm,” replied Gwell. “I have some meatballs in my lunch box. Do you think he would like one?”

“Yes,” replied Henry. “I think he would.”

So Gwell gave Henry a meatball to give to Fifa and then Gwell and O said goodbye and went to their next work site. Henry said goodbye and flew up to Fifa’s nest to give him the meatball. But when he got to the nest he found that Fifa was asleep! he didn’t want to wake up Fifa, so he left the meatball in the nest right next to Fifa so that he would find it when he woke up.

Fifa slept very well that day and woke up in the evening. When he woke up he found the meatball and he ate it and it was delicious! Then he flew off to find Henry, who he was pretty sure left him the meatball, so that he could say “Thank you!”

The end.

[BTW, this is what a guai shou truck looks like.]


Continued progress

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We hope everyone is having a great summer. We are doing well. Shian-Ren continues to improve. She is eating medium-coarse food (ground meat and cooked veggies) and making great strides with movement and starting to speak. Ru-Jun is growing and developing in leaps and bounds and sees her Mommy on weekends and is coping well. We hope to have Shian-Ren back home by mid-Fall.

Thanks so much for everyone’s thoughts and good wishes through e-mail and snail mail and in person. We are amazingly fortunate to have so much support from all over the world.