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Keeping the kiddie pool clean July 30, 2014

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Ru-Jun’s kiddie pool holds 275 gallons of water 6 ft diameter; ~ 1.3 feet deep). I’ve been cycling water through it every few days because it does get skuzzy both by particulates (even though I cover it up most nights) and biofilmy stuff. So I looked up what people do to keep them clean and people use chlorine, in the form of bleach. That volume calls for about 3 tablespoons of bleach. So I put that amount in tonight and mixed it up. The water that is in there right now was drawn Monday. That should keep it for a couple of days and then I’ll drain it again and set up some new chlorinated water.


Tiredness and independence July 29, 2014

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When Ru-Jun is well-rested (less than 33% of the time these days, it seems) she can be an independent little happy camper, playing at whatever by herself, for the most part, for quite a while. When she is not well rested she usually needs adult (i.e. me) involvement constantly and a lot more physical contact.


Maladaptedness July 28, 2014

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Biggest disappointment of parenting so far: the degree of maladaptedness of an ostensibly wild type human genome.


Space is precious July 27, 2014

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I’m talking about my own physical space, which I value, when my child craves to be on my lap an leaning against me and in direct physical contact with me. And my mental space. The verbal train of my thoughts. When my child seeks fill up every moment with her own verbalization and wants a response from me to just about her every third word or so. This has a degrading effect on me mentally. I would be lying if I denied this.


Eczema not good July 26, 2014

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Ru-Jun’s eczema cycle is at a bad point right now. Summer probably has a lot to do with it. I am not able to get the various ointments on her as often as we should; mostly because she hates it. She puts some on herself. I really hope she can grow out of this. It’s only partly a skin problem. She itches when she’s insecure and can itch when she’s fully asleep as well. Sweatiness defines the places where she has it (neck, insides of elbows and knees, upper inner thigh areas, wrists). At any given time we can get most of these pretty good but then it will erupt in one or more of them and there will be another cycle.


Not much work getting done

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Things have been slow in terms of me getting work done. But I went into this summer with non-high expectations, so I am just rolling with it. About three weeks before teaching becomes my main activity again for a few months.


Shian-Ren doing well

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Shian-Ren is feeling fine. We will do bloodwork again on Tuesday and talk with her doctor. He’s starting to talk about the post chemo imaging that needs to be done. Maybe 1-2 more infusions then they will take a look.


Quiet weekend

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One of Ru-Jun’s friends from the neighborhood and her mom stopped by today and they went over to their house for a spontaneous play date for a couple hours. Ru-Jun is now back and we will do some shopping in a little while. Later we are going over to Maksym’s house and playing with their dog for a while to keep him company while they are gone in various places. We will do that again tomorrow.


Fourth infusion July 23, 2014

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Going well. Pump off tomorrow. Then a break.


Balance July 22, 2014

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One of Ru-Jun’s biggest issues is balance. It’s part of the sort of being one with her physical world and not separate from it that I talked about a while back. She likes leaning against things and people even (or especially) if they are unstable. I think balance issues are preventing her from learning how to ride a bike (even with training wheels; it’s not that positive an experience for her and she doesn’t try very often) and most recently, her scooter (she just doesn’t have the hang of it).