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It has been a while December 28, 2014

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We’ve had a nice Christmas here so I thought I would catch up a bit. Shian-Ren’s colon surgery went very well. It was the day after Thanksgiving. The prep Thanksgiving day and in the earlie hours after that was arduous, but we got through it. She got out of the hospital on the following Tuesday and the stitches came out two Mondays after that (if I am recalling correctly). The pathology report indicated two positive lymph nodes of the 13 they removed. These are believed to be the two that were seen in the initial imaging back in the spring. There was also a tiny remnant of the tumor well inside the colon wall (which would have been invisible to colonoscopy). It is good that this is out of her body now. The doctors consulted a lot about the liver lesion. It was decided to do interventional radiology to both biospy it and treat it. This is a one time (for now) procedure in which they run a catheter up from her groin to the tumor location (which is a difficult one: at the dome of the liver and in the back). It involves an overnight stay for observations but not much of a prep, other than not eating after midnight. We were scheduled to have this done tomorrow but insurance balked and last week during the holiday week the doctors on both ends were not able to get together. So we’re hoping that gets cleared up early this week. She is also scheduled to start the post-surgical chemo this week; on Tuesday if her white count is OK. The procedure apparently will not interfere with this schedule. Shian-Ren is feeling great and everything has been pretty normal around here since she got out of the hospital. My parents were here at that time and have come back for Christmas and New Years. As always it is great to have them here and to have their help with meals, dishes, and keeping Ru-Jun entertained.