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Mom and Dad visiting this week September 30, 2013

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Great to have them here as always.  A little break for me in the kitchen and the keeping Ru-Jun entertained department.  Tomorrow I can go to the PTA meeting in the evening and they can stay home with the girls.


Playground September 29, 2013

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Had a good time at the playground today.  Ru-Jun can now do the monkey bars by herself and keep herself swinging by pumping.  She has been working on these for a while.


Chinese school September 28, 2013

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Today was Ru-Jun and my third week of Saturday Chinese school.  Her class is going well (very slowly and it’s more getting into the habit of it that is important for Ru-Jun rather than making a lot of progress, since she doesn’t even read English yet). My first adult class was today and was very enjoyable, although it’s always boring at the beginning going through the pronunciation (which I know but am not fully proficient at).  The other five students and the teacher are all very nice.  It’s a good group.


Too much exhaustion September 27, 2013

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Ru-Jun’s lungs are better and she has had good days at school since early in the week. But she fell asleep on the way to dance lesson this evening and was too tired/uncomfortable when she woke up to go into the lesson.  So we went home.  I’ve learned not to get bent out of shape when this kind of stuff happens. There’s no point. It’s too bad, but hopefully sometime she will acquire the ability to go through with what is expected of her even when she is not feeling 100%.  Of course she was fine later once she woke up fully.


What explains it September 26, 2013

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In whatever final calculus there us, the question of why I maintained my responsibilites has two completely confounded types of answer: one centering around me being a good person and another centering around me being a vain person who does not want to be thought ill of. I can’t provide an objective answer to the question, so it will be left to the observer to make a conclusion,


Hypochondriac September 25, 2013

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Ru-Jun went back to school today and is doing pretty well although she still has some congestion.  She is showing a tendence to complain about every little stomach twinge or just “not feeling good” to the teacher and has ended up in the nurses office a few times so far.  A couple of times they have called me, at least once they did not.  We really hope this is a phase and doesn’t become habitual.  They are more resilient than her day care was (because they have a nurse’s office and the day care does not).  She can stay there for a while and then they will send her back to class and see how it goes (it has gone OK on the occasions so far).  In the day care if there was anything even slightly off, we had to go get her right away and that was that.


Home today September 24, 2013

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Ru-Jun’s lungs are not clearing up so I need to get her up to the doctor for a listen.  She’s staying home from school today and I’m only going to work to teach my course this afternoon. We’ll try to relax a bit (although I have to put tomorrow’s lecture together).


Missed the open house

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We missed the kindergarten open house this evening because we found out too late that it was a parents only event.  The school said that we could bring Ru-Jun as they understand sitting fell through but we didn’t want to be the ones for which an exception was made.  We’ll catch up with her teacher down the road.  Things are going pretty well and Ru-Jun is enjoying it.


Had this in better words in my head yesterday September 22, 2013

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Caregivers accomplish the well being if those for whom they are caring. It’s pretty vital that they are satisfied with this, because the outside world provides precious little recognition of this basic function.  In my case, I’m not looking for recognition, other than acceptance that my career goals and expectations (which were not only my own expectations but those who invested in me) are not going to be fulfilled because of my caregiving responsibilities.


As predicted

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Ru-Jun’s sinuses have cleared a bit, allowing her to breathe OK at night.  But the gunk from that has moved into and inflamed her lungs, so she has been congested and coughing for a couple days.  We are doing the nebulizer 3x a day.  She’s reasonably lively this morning.  Hopefully good enough for school tomorrow.