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No ants March 31, 2012

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We usually have an invasion of ants in the house in the winter. But very noticebly, that didn’t happen this winter. Our best guess as to why is that it’s because the ground didn’t freeze.


Three day weekend March 30, 2012

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Staff day at Ru-Jun’s day care on Monday. She’ll be at the babysitter Christine’s tomorrow and then two days with me. SBU spring break is next week. Our warm weather has disappeared and now it struggles to get into the 50s.


Pollen March 29, 2012

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I think the pollen really started to come out this week. My throat gets a little scratchy and my lung a little irritated. A lot of cherry type blossoms are out right along with the forsythias, due to the warm temperatures last week. Strange year.


An instant out March 28, 2012

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Tonight Ru-Jun got to sleep in less than 5 minutes after lights out. Very unusual. Don’t know why exactly. Seemed like a normal night. School must have been extra taxing on her brain today or something. Usually she flops around for at least 30 minutes before letting go of consciousness.


Unsentimental March 27, 2012

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Ru-Jun has never been sentimental about her toys.  She doesn’t have a dolly or anything that she clings to for any length of time.  She is fickle.  For a few days she’ll be inseparable from some toy, then another, then nothing.  Her friends come and go from daycare as families move around and kids graduate to kindergarten.  She seems to have good friends when they are there, but she doesn’t seem to get bent out of shape when they go.  This unsentimentality about friends will probably begin to change in a couple years, I would guess…


Blustery March 26, 2012

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It’s not March without wind. One of these years it would be fun to get into kite flying. My older brother Tom was really into kites when he was in elementary school.


Back to seasonable March 25, 2012

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Our summer in March us over and we’re back to good for March early spring weather. Everyone got a bit spoiled by the last week or two but it was nice getting out in shirtsleeves a bit. A lot of critters and plants have their seasonal timing a bit messed up at this point too. We’ll see how it goes this year.