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Getting used to exhaustion August 31, 2012

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Ru-Jun is now in her last year of pre school before Kindergarten.  So as a policy they have kids rest instead of nap, as I described.  She has not been making up the sleep as the week has proceeded and has been accumulating a sleep debt.  She gets pretty silly and floppy by the end of the day, especially today.  She’s trying to get herself to sleep (or at least sleepy) by watching Empire Strikes Back on the iPad alone in her darkened room.  We’ll see if it works.


Grandma and Grandpa visiting

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[supposed to have posted at about 10PM Thursday night 30-Aug but WordPress is currently not working correctly]

Ru-Jun had a bad evening last night (as described) and a not very good morning, obedience wise. Grandma and Grandpa arrived here this evening for a week and a half. She has been good. She is no longer napping at day care. In their final year they are “resters” on the couch for a little while instead of “nappers” in the nap room for a longer while. This is her first week of this. She is accumulating a sleep debt I think, but not yet to the point of collapsing at a time earlier than normal sleep time. I have to say that aside from last night, her tired behavior is improved over what it was a year or so ago on days in which she did not nap.


the sleep wars continue August 29, 2012

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All the progress from the Spring was lost.  Tonight there is a full tantrum going on because we can’t revert to earlier when she wasn’t sleeping in her room at all.  I am insisting on initiating sleep, which I am having to help with now (again), in her bed.  No idea when the current situation will improve.


Ru-Jun having fun with an iPad app August 28, 2012

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After many download attempts, we finally got the Nick Jr Draw and Play app onto the iPad and Ru-Jun is having fun with it.  It is a very fancy drawing app with all the Nick Jr characters and many cool sounds and animations.  She has wanted it for a while.


Stripes August 27, 2012

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One of tonight’s paintings by Ru-Jun


Exhausted August 26, 2012

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From a pretty good weekend.  Ru-Jun was mostly good.  Got some work done.  Did some music.  Doesn’t get much better these days…


Getting Braids August 25, 2012

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Our Saturday aide Debby giving Ru-Jun braids with Shian-Ren looking on.


Free time August 24, 2012

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Those who are lucky enough to have it need to really really cherish this precious substance.


The name of my disease August 23, 2012

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There is an effort to rename rename Wegener’s granulomatosis to granulomatosis with polyangiitis.  This is part of an overall effort to retire names of diseases that have people’s names in them.  Friedrich Wegener, the German physician who discovered the disease in 1936 was relatively recently found out to have been sympathetic with and worked for the Nazis and may even have experimented on concentration camp victims, according to Wikipedia.  So in this case there is an added reason for changing the name (in addition to moving toward simpler and/or more descriptive nomenclature).


Nature night August 22, 2012

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Ru-Jun and I were out on the deck and I was playing songs for her and four racoons showed up.  We moved inside and watched them forage for broken acorns on the deck.  Then we went to the back porch and saw a nice slug. It was kind of disconcerting how unafraid of us they were.  It almost seemed like they were attracted to the music.