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New song lyrics January 27, 2010

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to the tune of Sloop John B (Beach Boys; apparently originally a Caribbean folk melody)

Ru-Jun’s favorite dinosaur
is triceratops
He has three horns and a carapace
And he lives on the plains
And eats lots of grass
Triceratops is Ru-Jun’s favorite dinosaur

Daddy’s favorite dinosaur
is ankylosaurus
He has lots of armor and a club for a tail
And that keeps him safe
From Tyrannosaurus
And that’s why Ankylosaurus is Daddy’s favorite dinosaur

Mommy’s favorite dinosaur
is Diplodocus
He is very very very very very very very long
And he lives in a swamp
And eats lots of plants
And that’s why diplodocus is Mommy’s favorite dinosaur

We love dinosaurs
There are many kinds
But they lived long ago and are no longer here
But we have their bones
And their skeletons
So let’s go to the museum and see the dinosaurs.


Row Row Row Your Boat January 21, 2010

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Definitely one of Ru-Jun’s current favorite songs. She calls it “Dream” because of the last word of the song.

Here is her Row Row Row Your Boat Dance
(complete with a Sponge Bob fan we got at the Taipei Zoo, which was much needed on that 95˚C day)


Yay! January 19, 2010

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Ru-Jun has been able to put on her shoes for a few weeks now. This morning she put on her socks, mostly correctly, all by herself!!


Dinosaurs January 16, 2010

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Ru-Jun discovered dinosaurs about a month ago and now can’t get enough of them. She can recognize and say Triceratops (her favorite), Tyrannosaurus, Diplodocus, Brontosaurus, and Ankylosaurus (Daddy’s favorite). We’ve gotten pretty good at making Play-Doh dinosaurs. We had forgotten how quickly Play-Doh dries out. We are already on our second round of Play-Doh cans.


Let’s go shopping January 9, 2010

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It was cold today but sunny, so it didn’t seem as cold. We went shopping and then to Wendy’s. Ru-Jun had this stuff on under her winter coat. She likes walking around in her boots.


Collage of (mostly early) 2009 pics January 5, 2010

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The pic of Ru-Jun with Aunt Patty and Cousin Michael is the only one from the second half of the year (Thanksgiving). The others are from before we left for Taiwan in early April. We made 8x10s of this for Christmas gifts.


We miss Taipei January 4, 2010

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We really miss our family and friends in Taiwan. Tonight we were watching random Chinese family dinner videos on YouTube.