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A painting by Ru-Jun January 31, 2012

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Shian-Ren’s assisted walking January 30, 2012

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Shian-Ren’s assisted walking is getting better.  She does it with her aide most days and she and I do it on the weekends when we have a chance.  On Sunday we walked for the first time in two weeks.  She gets gradually better each time.  More consistent steps, better balance, better rhythm.  It’s a far tougher trajectory than most people can imagine.  Her brain is still rebuilding the pathways it needs to do this.  Walking is a very complicated act.



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Ru-Jun as been enjoying painting with watercolors lately so on a Michael’s trip today I decided to get some supplies so that we could paint together. I painted a bit in the early-mid 90s but haven’t really done anything since then. Here is the result of my initial re-dabbling. Just messing around a bit to get used to it again. Pretty fun.


Could I please January 28, 2012

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have another Oreo?
(pic from just now)


Unstuffed (maybe)

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Ru-Jun got unstuffed by morning last night but she overall did not have a good sleep night.  Nevertheless she was in a reasonably good mood going over to her babysitter’s.  She took a two hour nap there this afternoon and has been pretty good this evening, including finishing her entire dinner and being very proud of it.  (She only needed a little help with the fish.)


Stuffed up

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Ru-Jun’s sinuses have been acting up. Probably allergies of some kind. She really needs to breathe through her nose to be able to relax and go to sleep. This was rare but a big problem when she was a baby. It’s more common these days but she is mature enough to try to breathe though her mouth when she is congested. But this is still unnatural for her and really difficult to get relaxed enough while doing it. Finally resorted to Benadryl tonight, which got her to sleep (a noisy one) in about fifteen minutes. Poor thing.


TV January 27, 2012

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Many parents think it’s pretty much 100% evil and some families don’t even have one. In our situation it’s a vital baby sitter of sorts while I cook and wash dishes and do other things. Ru-Jun is only occasionally mesmerized by it, usually when she is tired. But she doesn’t demand it. She gets bored quickly with all but her favorite shows and she hates commercials. She changes which shows she’s interested in quite a bit. She’s pretty fickle.