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Music December 29, 2011

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One gift I got myself a couple of months back was a baritone ukulele. It’s been really fun to play. It has four strings and I tune mine in fourths like a bass guitar, since I have some experience with that and none with a six string guitar. This is a really unconventional tuning but it works well for me. I taught myself how to play the accompanying chords to about 15 Christmas songs and so far several Childrens songs. My plan is to keep expanding this. I’ve been playing at home most nights for RJ and SR. RJ loves to dance and sing along. I’m really glad I got this instrument. It’s a great stress reliever.



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Managing Ru-Jun’s sleep has been very frustrating. At nearly 4 yrs old, she still cannot go to sleep at night by herself (although she apparently naps herself at daycare and her babysitter’s house). She also cannot sleep through the night without coming into my room. (SR sleeps downstairs in a hospital bed.) It has been hard for me to maintain enough sleep and to get comfortable sleep. I suppose this will go on for quite a while longer. I talk to her about wanting her to be a big girl about sleeping every day. She has good intentions to do this but has not been able to develop the skill yet.


Reviving the blog December 27, 2011

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Just got the wordpress app for my iphone
Most of my free moments are at night after SR and RJ are asleep
Our home life is pretty good these days
SR continues to improve very gradually
We had a good Christmas
More soon