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Submitted a paper yesterday February 28, 2014

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One of Shu-Dan’s chapters. She has two more, one of which is pretty close (this one is currently in her hands). It’s good to be getting some of this stuff done finally.


Winter for the foreseeable future

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Today will be very frigid and the next week plus we will be only in the low 30s at best, which is 10 degrees below normal for this time of year.  There will be some snow on Monday, possibly major. Ru-Jun’s school is already using its two flexible days in April to make up for snow days.  They don’t need another.


Still in sleep deficit

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Ru-Jun is struggling this week with a sleep deficit, although she has not taken another evening nap.  She can easily get into a bad mood and is very hard to wake up in the morning. I’ve been using Clash of Clans to get her awake and interested.  Tomorrow we have Chinese school, which will probably unusually difficult. Then we can relax a bit the rest of the weekend.


Sleep deficit February 25, 2014

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Ru-Jun got pretty far behind over the weekend and tonight she has crashed without finishing her dinner. I think she is out for the night. Inconvenient since she hasn’t taken her pills (she can take them in the morning) or brushed her teeth and she was supposed to have a bath tonight.  But she’s not too dirty.  That can wait until tomorrow night. She’ll brush her teeth in the morning. Shian-Ren and I can have a quiet evening and go to bed a little earlier tonight.


Tough getting back to school February 24, 2014

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Last night and this morning were very difficult getting Ru-Jun back onto her school schedule (and not entirely successful). But we’re back onto the school schedule. Hopefully without interruption for a while.


Worked on the driveway yesterday February 23, 2014

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Yesterday was a beautiful day.  Sunny with a high of 50˚F.  I got out and chipped away at the distal part of the driveway and got about half of it done.  It was pretty hard work loosening ice and then lifting the chunks and throwing them. I also replaced the spark plug in the snowblower yesterday and got it running. It still has a carburetor problem, as it will not run while unchoked.  I’ll try to get in touch with the lawnmower guy this week.  Hopefully I won’t need the snowblower again this winter but it will be good to get it fixed.


cold on the way

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For later this week, although the various forecast sources vary on how cold.  Their original predictions were pretty dire and have moderated significantly.  It looks like we’ll have 2-3 days with highs in the high 20s. Pretty cold, but it could be worse. Still too early to tell whether there will be snow in large amounts.


a few days of melting February 21, 2014

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Today, tomorrow, and Sunday will be into the 40s, helping to melt all this snow.  But we probably won’t lose it all before it gets cold again (really cold, actually).  I’m hoping to be able to get it all off the driveway (the distal 3rd of the driveway I haven’t been shoveling).


Nice play date today February 20, 2014

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Ru-Jun played at a bounce place with her friend Leah today. Leah’s mom had tickets and was with them while I went to a meeting. It went really well. Leah couldn’t make Ru-Jun’s party so this was a replacement for that. Hopefully they can get together again soon.


some melting February 19, 2014

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Today we finally got a little melting. There was actually a thunderstorm in the early evening. The polar vortex is returning in a week. It will be ridiculously cold for late Feb. for a few days then.  Just have to get through it.