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No celebrating tonight December 31, 2012

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for us.  Kind of not our things.  We’ll have a quiet night with a usual schedule.


Vacation wearing thin December 30, 2012

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Still two days to go but Ru-Jun is getting squirrelly.  She has had fun playing outside in the light snow that we got yesterday, but it is cold and we can’t stay out for long.  She has had brief naps the last couple of days but not today.  She hasn’t been the most cooperative today and is tired, even though she slept in.  We need to get back to our regular schedule.  Mom and Dad go back home on Wednesday morning and Ru-Jun goes back to day care that day as well.


1st movie with Ru-Jun December 29, 2012

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Ru-Jun and I attempted Rise of the Guardians this afternoon. She made it about halfway through. The action ended up being too intense for her. It’s the only thing out right now that is remotely a kids movie. It is not for little kids. It is pretty good though. I really want to see the rest of it sometime…


Using my Toshiba netbook December 28, 2012

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as a device for watching Pokemon episodes online.  The sound is pretty wimpy.  Will probably get some speakers for it.


Right-handed? December 27, 2012

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(This was supposed to be posted yesterday but something ate it.)  Ru-Jun has been apparently ambidextrous for a while but in the last week she seems to prefer her right hand for writing and drawing.  We’ll see if this sticks…


Family Pics Jun-Dec 2012

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Our Christmas Tree December 25, 2012

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Merry Christmas everyone!