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a little sick March 31, 2013

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I’ve been diarrheal all weekend. Might have been some chicken I had Thursday.  Chicken gave me the last bout of this a few months ago. I otherwise feel OK.  Hopefully it’s not a bug like I had in Taiwan, which turned out to be antibiotic resistant.  We’ll see if my gut can get back to normal in the next few days…


Cleanup March 30, 2013

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Mom and Dad helped me pull the large half of a cedar tree that had fallen on our garage in the Feb. blizzard.  Other than a few roof tiles, noting got damaged.  That was a lot of work.  Thinking about investing in a chain saw.  Ru-Jun rode her tricycle and made chalk drawings on the driveway.  It was a good morning but I’m tired…


talking about the stroke March 29, 2013

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Ru-Jun knew some of the details of the night of the stroke (she was 2 so cannot remember) but today to and from day care she had me go through the events of that night and had me repeat many of the details and explanations.  She is OK with talking about it (and so am I).  There are several realizations and levels of awareness and feeling she will pass through on this topic.  This is probably the first stage…


Exhausted March 28, 2013

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and shoulder has a bad position (the right shoulder; last year I was in PT for the left one). I should be able to catch up in the next few weeks, rest wise.  It’s great not having to cook for a few days. But sitting down before the end of the day can be tough.  Too hard to get back up…


done with most of my teaching March 27, 2013

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for the semester.  But there is still so much piled up. Behind behind behind…


Grandma and Grandpa visiting March 26, 2013

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Always good to have them visit.  They can see just how fast and loose our parenting is these days.  They hold onto their criticism well, for the most part.  Ru-Jun gets away with world destruction of every imaginable kind.  Back in the day so much of this would have been absolutely mortifying and verboten.


Energy differential March 25, 2013

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Today was one of those days (pretty common) when I come home exhausted (not enough sleep last night) and Ru-Jun comes home totally jazzed up (because she had a good nap) and really energetic.  Not a good match, but I’ve learned to survive these situations…


The Pokemon era March 24, 2013

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may be drawing to a close.  Ru-Jun still talks about them and plays with her toys a bit.  But the engrossment is no longer there, and she no longer watches the TV shows.  She prefers the Disney Jr shows these days, especially Higglytown Heroes and Sophia the First.  Fickleness sees to be a characteristic of hers.  She never attached to a specific animal or doll (and has never played with dolls very much).  She has a different one every day or two, or is content with no animal or doll on a lot of days…


Hungry and Oreo March 23, 2013

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We got a second goldfish today. The first one is named Hungry and the second one is named Oreo. Hungry and Oreo fought for a couple of hours after we put Oreo into the fishbowl, so Ru-Jun made a painting of them (see pic on Facebook), which says “Be friends soon, Oreo and Hungry”. She read it to them, because as she pointed out, fish can’t read.


Dance March 22, 2013

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Ru-Jun has been enjoying her dance lessons every Friday.  The dance studio has a huge number of classes and kids.  There are recitals for everyone coming up and it’s a huge deal.  There are costumes, videos, tickets ($25 each cash only) to deal with.  It’s pretty baroque in the sense that it seems really unnecessarily complicated. But anyway, we’ll see how Ru-Jun’s recital goes…