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Exzema January 30, 2014

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Ru-Jun is in the beginning of a (hopefully) recovery upswing from a major bout of exzema that was brought on by dry air and our failure to use lotion because she hates having it put on.  It’s the most important thing we are working on, given recent improvements in the sleep and “hand” situation. Luckily she has a capacity for rapid healing of her skin. We’ve got to keep on the notion so she doesn’t get the rashes so bad. She hates it but has yet to appreciate that if she doesn’t do it, the more painful and itchy rashes will come back.


Ru-Jun’s lunches January 29, 2014

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It hasn’t been the easiest thing putting a lunch together for Ru-Jun.  They have been mostly snacky, as she is not really a sandwich person and is not yet up to buying the hot lunch there.  This week she is really into ham and she usually takes cheese of some kind so it’s been kind of like having a ham and cheese sandwich without the bread.  Along with a fruit, beverages, and various carb-snacky stuff.


It’s been brutal

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We’ve had several really cold periods this winter and we are on our way out of another one.  It’s been hard for kids because it’s just been too cold to play in the snow for any amount of time. The weekend should be 40ish and then we are headed for colder and more snow.


Sleep progress January 27, 2014

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Ru-Jun has gotten a half star (getting herself to sleep; albeit usually much later than optimal) more nights this month than the entire previous year. We seem to be matching her tiredness schedule both nights.  There is still a long way to go but this is very welcome progress.


New semester begins

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I’m teaching MWF mornings until late March.  Same big intro bio class as last semester.  And it will be a bit easier since I can mostly use material from last semester (which was reorganized from previous years with mostly new lecture material that we were writing day to day). I am giving some new (to me) lectures, including all three this week.


Parental happiness January 26, 2014

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This turns out to be a significant topic of study.  See here and here. Most of this is about moms with infant/toddlers.  From my perspective, happiness is irrelevant.  There are moments along the entire spectrum of happiness/non-happiness.  Parenting simply has to be done, no matter how happy it makes one.  People who have the luxury to abdicate may have some theshold below which they feel free to leave.  The rest of us are better off not thinking along this axis at all. People thinking about becoming parents should think a lot about it, however.


Another 2″ last night

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Ru-Jun and I went out after dinner to shovel it.  Still too cold for her to stay out too long.  Supposed to be a little warmer (but still below freezing) today.