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Mouth sores June 30, 2013

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Ru-Jun has  a couple of pretty bad mouth sores right now and they are really bothering her.  We’ll go see the doctor tomorrow if they are no better in the morning.


Food in excess = Poison June 29, 2013

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Was people watching at Target for a little while today waiting for Ru-Jun to finish her lunch. Our food is poison and there is too much of it available. People are killing themselves…


Upcoming trip

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Two weeks from today, Shian-Ren, Ru-Jun, and I plant to head up to Massachusetts to see my friend Ina and her two daughters on Saturday and then my cousin Melissa and the entire Goldman family who are having a get-together on Sunday.  We’ll be staying at a hotel Saturday night.  It should be fun.  I think we are up for the trip.


My doctor is not worried June 28, 2013

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It’s cool that I can e-mail with my rheumatologist. More doctors should do this.  She’s not worried about the ear pain. The pain itself was not bad and actually receded today and was replace by a more familiar rear sinus irritation on the other side.  This feels like conventional seasonal type allergies or a precursor a cold.  My doctor doesn’t think I’m having flare-up.  I’ll be seeing my ENT doctor on Wednesday to check it out…


Ear pain

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I’ve been having on and off ear pain for the last couple of weeks.  I’ve had eustachian tube congestion on that side for several years, starting before the Wegener’s diagnosis.  The ear pain could be a flare up.  I e-mailed my rheumatologist to see what she thinks and I have an appointment with my ear/nose/thoat doctor on Wednesday.  I hope it’s not a flare up and if it is, it can be treated without a major setback involving going back on oral steroids or cytoxan-like meds.


After school care in the fall June 27, 2013

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Looks like we secured after-school care for Ru-Jun this coming year. Lots of parents told us to get on that as it fills up. But we got a spot, so no worries.  Those folks were from other district, some of which don’t have full day kindergarten and have had budget problems in the past.  Rocky Point has full day K and routinely approves its budgets with 60% majorities.  Public support makes a real difference.


Still recovering

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I’m still recovering a bit from the trip.  Finally got Ru-Jun and myself bathed last night.  She’s doing OK. Gotta wake her up in a few minutes…


Getting ready for Kindergarten June 26, 2013

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I had a meeting with Ru-Jun’s teacher today.  Things are going fine with only minor concerns.  One is that I need to be better with her hair since if she goes to school with it tangled, which unfortunately is too often these days, then she may get picked on. So I need her to let me comb out the tangles and make her hair right.  Her teachers have told her this and we’ll work on it. The other is that she seeks out adult attention more often than she should for her age.  There will be far fewer teachers/aides around in kindergarten. Hopefully she will become less needy of them.  I’ll discuss this with Ru-Jun regularly during the summer as well.


Catching up on sleep

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Ru-Jun got 13 hrs of sleep last night and I slept pretty well too.  I think we are mostly readjusted to east coast time and recovered from the plane trip.


Dang June 25, 2013

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Looks like I gained a couple of pounds on the trip.  Not surprising because the food was pretty good.  Exercise really makes a difference.