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A tiring week May 31, 2014

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After the Memorial Day holiday, Shian-Ren had an appointment each day.  Tuesday and Wednesday were both consults, but Thursday and yesterday were procedures (installing a portacath on Thursday and marking the area near the colon mass with dye on Friday). Both went very well.  But she is pretty tired.  She can relax this weekend.  The chemotherapy starts on Thursday.


Summer slowly arriving May 29, 2014

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Last weekend we had our first 80s.  Then it got chilly again for a few days.  Now it is predicted to gradually rise back toward the seasonable mid 70s.  I think I’d rather have the coolish spring that we had than anything hotter than normal.  Light jacket weather is better than sweltering, mandatory A/C weather.  We’ll get enough of that soon enough.


Dance recital soon

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Ru-Jun has her dress rehearsal tomorrow and the recital is a week from Saturday. Then dance will be over for the year.  We’ll see if she wants to sign up again for next fall.  Last year she decided at the recital to take lessons again. We’ll see how she feels after the recital this year.  We are planning on art classes and swimming lessons for the summer, tentatively.


A new problem

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Unfortunately Shian-Ren has a new medical problem.  In April she was diagnosed with colon cancer and scans showed that it has spread to her liver. So there are two (and only two) growths. We consulted with surgeons and they determined that her relative lack of mobility made her a bad candidate for immediate surgery, recovery from which requires immediate moving around to get the gut going.  She is also a higher than normal risk for blood clots and pneumonia. So we decided to do a round of chemotherapy first, which hopefully will start next week.  We are all in good spirits and despite all the appointments, we have managed to keep our normal daily home routine, for the most part. My parents are visiting to help us out and as always our family and friends have been wonderfully supportive.  Shian-Ren is a rock and we are determined to fight this with our highest effort.  I’ll update things here from time to time but still will mostly talk about Ru-Jun, probably.


hot dogs May 26, 2014

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Definitely Ru-Jun’s favorite food.  With ketchup.


Nice holiday weekend

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The last couple of days were warm and sunny. Ru-Jun had a great play date with Maksym yesterday and went to a playground both days. Today we all shopped at Target, including Shian-Ren. Back to school tomorrow.


Play day May 24, 2014

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Ru-Jun played in three places today.  The back neighbors (twin 4 year olds), the playground (or usual one), and with Julie at her grandma’s house (near where she gets on the bus).  It was partly sunny and unhot.  A good day.