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A Summer of Recovery May 31, 2010

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Hopefully by now most readers of this blog know that on 4/13 SR suffered a life threatening AVM hemorrhage in her brain stem. Since that one big unlucky event occurred, whole bunches of fortunate and life-restoring things have happened, including medical care by the one of the best teams in the world, and our family and friends surrounding us with amazing and loving support and encouragement. SR is now in her third week of rehab and showing consistent progress on all therapy fronts. She was reunited with RJ this weekend. RJ is slowly letting Mommy back into her life after she had understandably moved on a bit as two year olds will do. We will bring RJ to see Mommy every weekend day and some week nights from here on.

We are looking at 3-4 months of recovery hear at the HIRU in Kings Park. Things are going well. SR is strong and though a bit frustrated at times, she has a very forward looking and constructive mindset. She is focused on getting better and doing everything the therapists want her to do.

RJ is otherwise doing fine and is happy and healthy. Thanks so much to everyone who has offered help, sent positive thoughts, visited, sent cards and flowers, and helped at the house. Especially JT’s Mom and Dad, Barbara and her family, and Qinghong and Jae.

More posts and pics of RJ soon.