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tired April 30, 2014

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From banging stuff out at work the last couple of weeks. I was living on adrenaline for a while, like I’ve done at various times in grad school, my post-doc, and as an assistant professor.  Can’t do it for long these days.  And have to slow down to recover.


less napping April 29, 2014

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Since after her Spring Break, Ru-Jun has shown the usual tiredness but has not been taking early evening naps.  I succeeded in stopping her from taking one this evening, which is a rare feat. Either she really caught up on sleep on her break or she’s actually changing a bit.


back to late winter

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50 and gray/rainy today and the same tomorrow but colder.  The jet stream is still broken. Still, probably better than 90s, which is equally possible.


Pretty good day April 27, 2014

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Today’s party went well.  It was a nice day but a bit of a cool breeze.  The party was outside and just warm enough (like our Easter egg hunt last year) for the kids to stay outside. Ru-Jun had a good time and I had fun talking with the other parents. Back to school/work tomorrow.


a two birthday party weekend April 26, 2014

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Today we had Julie’s party at PlasterKraze, where we went about a month ago for another party. Julie is a first grader who gets on the bus with Ru-Jun.  We’ve gotten to know her family a little bit. They are really nice. Tomorrow, we are going to Gabe’s party, Ru-Jun’s classmate who lives a couple of blocks from here.  Will be nice to walk there.  It should be nice weather tomorrow (60s and sunny).


pickiness and fickleness

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Ru-Jun is both picky and fickle in her tastes.  TV shows she loved in the past she now acts like she hates (she doesn’t hate them, just acting picky). She switches her preferences a lot. Now the only TV show she really seems to like is Peppa Pig.


First dance lesson in a month April 25, 2014

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It was good for Ru-Jun to get back to her dance lessons after three weeks out because of various sicknesses. Amazingly, she did not fall asleep on the way there or the way home.  She had fun and did well.  Her recital is in less than a month.


Grandma and Grandpa leaving tomorrow April 23, 2014

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Ru-Jun has really enjoyed their visit, as always, as have we.  We’ll hopefully see them in Palmyra this summer and down here again before too long.  It was a good visit and very helpful to us too.


reversion on sleep

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Ru-Jun has not been able to get herself to sleep in about two weeks.  Part of it was being sick and then my parents being here for a week and a half.  We’ll see how she does when we are back on the normal school schedule (this week) with sleep deprivation (which has started). She gives up way too easily.  It’s a mental thing.  If she would just allow herself to relax, like she can when she’s lying next to me, she can be asleep in minutes.  I hope she learns this soon.


2nd and 3rd dinner April 21, 2014

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In the evenings, Ru-Jun is a true Hobbit.  She has second and sometimes even third dinner.