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A parting insult from March March 31, 2014

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4″ of wet snow in two hours this morning.  It’s mostly gone now but it was completely unpredicted (rain was predicted) and it messed a lot of things up. March continues to demonstrate that it has nothing to do with Spring.


Mood swings March 30, 2014

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Ru-Jun’s tantrums have gotten fewer and shorter.  But she still gets in bad moods when she’s tired and things aren’t going away.  She’s pretty dynamic though.  If we leave her alone, usually before too long she’s back to her lovable self like nothing happened.  Hopefully this is a sign of maturing.


Sleep schedule has been off March 29, 2014

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Three nights this week, Ru-Jun took early evening naps out of necessity. These resulted in late nights where she had trouble sleeping.  Only one half start this week, but not without trying. It’s great when we hit her sleep cycle.  This is not one of those weeks.  Tonight should be OK though.  She’s had a pretty active day and no nap.


2009 in Taipei March 28, 2014

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The 4 month stay in Taipei in 2009 was the defining point of our family life.  Our salad or halcyon days. Initially I didn’t feel good that I didn’t get much research done on that trip, instead concentrating on teaching and doing fun stuff. But now it’s OK. We lived in a rich and exotic place as a family.  Created a lot of memories.  We’ll get back there under very different circumstances hopefully before too long. But it’s sort of a paradise to look back upon.


Apples March 27, 2014

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Having a Pink Lady apple and reading about the strain. It would be really fun to be an apple breeder.


Exhaustion March 26, 2014

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Ru-Jun crashed in the middle of dinner and was raspy with a cough most of the day.  Not a full blown cold but she is feeling it.  I’m still behind on sleep myself. Getting out of winter should help us all.


Still winter

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For one more day and then temps get more toward normal.  Today was just about the wind.  There’s a wind season between winter and spring in these parts.