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Superorganism April 30, 2012

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Ru-Jun, especially when tired, has a strong tendency to want to be very cuddly and clingy and generally everywhere that I am. As if we are not two different beings but one unitary being. Very annoying. I may long for some of this one day when she doesn’t want to do stuff with me like she does as a little kid. But for now her development depends on her becoming more independent.


Do you like my dogwood flower? April 29, 2012

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Fewer tantrums April 28, 2012

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Ru- Jun is having fewer tantrums these days. But she still has them. Being hungry and/or tired often are contributing factors. She has to kearn to be OK with being not in 100% physical comfort and having to deal with things. Patience too has yet to really develop.


about the joy and the beauty April 27, 2012

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I have a lot of anger at the situation.  But it’s nobody’s fault, so it’s rather pointless.  I’ve always been about the beauty.  And things are still beautiful.  Shian-Ren and I certainly got beauty in Ru-Jun.  So we’ll continue to be about the beauty.  I also need to be about the joy.  The joy has to shine through whatever happens.

This was my thought process driving to Stony Brook with Ru-Jun this morning.


Looks like April 26, 2012

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another bout of ashma.  Staying home today except for Dr. visit and to get meds…


coughing a bit April 25, 2012

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Ru-Jun has a bit of a cough.  So we did the nebulizer with albuterol around dinner time. I’ll listen to her breathing tonight.  Hopefully it gets not worse.  Cough may be going around in her daycare…


Ru-Jun, Niriel, and Hailey April 23, 2012

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At their playground play date on Saturday.


Sometimes April 22, 2012

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Four year olds age in reverse.  Very annoying and very frustrating.


Great Play Date Today April 21, 2012

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At Strathmore Park in Stony Brook with Niriel and Hailey and their moms.  We spent about three hours there.  Had a snackish lunch for the girls.  We three parents got to chat quite a bit.  The other two girls are headed to kindergarten after the summer.  Ru-Jun will miss them in the day care room.  We’ll have to keep up with them by having play dates.


late night April 20, 2012

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Had a dinner party for a colleague’s birthday tonight so I had our aide stay an extra three hours.  Things worked OK, but a bunch of stuff needed to get done when I got home, including taking a shower.  Ru-Jun got hers but I didn’t get mine.  I really can’t deviate from the schedule like this too often.  Too much chaos ensues that takes too much energy and time to ameliorate.