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Done with day care August 30, 2013

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No tears. We’ll be able to visit.  But we went there most days for the last 4 years.  An era is over. We’re ready.  We earned our wings.  Now we have to fly.


Cupcakes for last day at day care August 29, 2013

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Shian-Ren and Min made and frosted cupcakes today and Ru-Jun put sprinkles on them when we got home.  We’ll take them in for the kids to have after lunch tomorrow.  Shian-Ren and I will go in at around 4 to say goodbye to people.  It’s going to be different not going to that place every day.  We’ll miss them but we can visit.  Onward and upward for Ru-Jun.


Candy Crush Saga August 28, 2013

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Currently stuck on level 33, which is ridiculously hard and can only be won by luck or using (buying) tools, which I’m not going to do… Genius on the part of King, the company.  This far into the game a lot of people are addicted enough not to mind spending $.  If the game sucked, a level this hard would have sunk it and people would have abandoned the game like the largely have Draw Something, although it wasn’t a level problem with that game. I think DS just had limited staying power to begin with.  CC Saga is simpler and somehow more pleasurable.


Uno August 27, 2013

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We’ve played quite a bit of Uno lately with Ru-Jun.  I think it’s good for her number recognition and counting (she deals the cards).  She doesn’t like to lose but she’s getting to be a better sport.  She also doesn’t like to draw a lot of cards, for the same reason.  We’re having fun with it.


First day went OK August 26, 2013

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First day of the SBU semester went OK.  We were worried about technical glitches in the large intro course (which my co-instructor is lecturing in for this week, then I take over after that until late Oct.) but that went OK.  Tomorrow is my first lecture in my smaller specialized course.  I’m ready (wrote the course last year).  We’ll see how things go…


readying for school August 25, 2013

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We got a new lunch box, water bottle, and soup container for Ru-Jun today.  And new shoes. She’s just about ready (still have a couple of weeks).


Pretty good weekend so far

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Luana came over today and played with Ru-Jun while I went to work and we had a new (possibly temporary) aide for Shian-Ren, who is very nice. The driveway is getting sealed tomorrow by the same company that paved it last year.

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Rogue snail August 23, 2013

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This morning Ru-Jun found that one of the snails in the 40 gallon tank had escaped and made it 6 ft across the room on the living room rug.  It must have been close to dehydration.  We threw it back in the tank and this evening it climbed up a plant. So it must be fine.


the social was fun August 22, 2013

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The Kinder Social today was good.  We met some more kids and their parents from Ru-Jun’s class.  They have a very nice playground there but it was a bit crowded.  We also got caught in the rain on the way out and had to wait out a pretty intense thunderstorm and dodge raindrops on the way home.  But overall it went well and we all got  chance to see the school.


Kindergarten social tomorrow August 21, 2013

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Tomorrow morning is a social at the school playground for all the kids (the teachers won’t be there).  The kids got school t-shirts from the PTA yesterday, a different color for each room.  Ru-Jun’s class is blue.  They wear the t-shirts tomorrow so they can tell who else is in their class.  Should be fun. Ru-Jun is hoping that the friend she madeon the bus, Paige, will be there.