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Good Dance Lesson July 31, 2012

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Ru-Jun had a good dance lesson today. She has fun and responds pretty well to the instructor, although she usually gets tired and a bit lethargic toward the end of the hour.  We have three more lessons in the summer session and then there is a fall session that is all ballet, which Ru-Jun prefers (her current lessons are half tap, which is harder for little ones). It looks like Ru-Jun is interested in sticking with this…


Physical space July 30, 2012

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I like my personal space.  Ru-Jun, especially when tired, is very tactile and likes extreme cuddling.  This is fun but I am increasingly worrying about it as she gets older.  She needs to detach a bit.  I don’t know when that will happen or how…


Parenting July 29, 2012

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is not an optimal activity for people who like to recharge by vegging out for a while.


no more swimming for now July 28, 2012

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Ru-Jun refused to go to her swimming lesson yesterday.  There was no way I was going to force her; she would be kicking and screaming and crying.  So I made the decision that we’ll quit until next year. I pretty instantly regretted this.  I gave her several chances to agree to try again next week and she has refused.

We have a pretty bad relationship right now and on balance, this has been a pretty bad summer for her development, at home at least.  She is mostly acting babyish and has made very little progress.

The fault, by definition, is mine.  I am trying to parent mostly by intuition. But I am limited by my schedule and energy.  Also, I’ve had two head colds in three weeks (still getting over the second one).  I feel like I’m seriously failing


Better today July 27, 2012

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Even without Ibuprofen.  Ru-Jun still asleep.  We’re both tired.  Shian-Ren has been fine.  Pretty active with therapy and acupuncture.  Ru-Jun has a swimming lesson today at 4 in Coram.  So I leave the lab early for that and we get home on the early side.  She’s been running hot and cold on swimming.  She has a good time when she is there but during the week she worries about going underwater because I think she got water up her nose in her first lesson and she doesn’t like getting it in her eyes.


got through the day July 26, 2012

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Ru-Jun is better, still coughing a bit, but had a good day at school.  I hopefully am on the upswing from an upper resipiratory thing, but still on Ibuprofen and I might have had a fever some of the day.  I still got a good amount of work done today.  Ru-Jun has been tough on me these days, both in the sleep fight and other things.  No light at the end of that tunnel in sight at the moment…


Parenting theory July 25, 2012

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I’m not familiar with much of it.  But the only theory that seems even remotely plausible to me is that there can’t be any theory for outcomes of 100% effort parenting.  It’s completely phenomenological.  Anything else would seem to constitute an extraordinary claim.  Extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence.  I defy anyone to prove anything in such a chaotic and idiosyncratic enterprise.

(Ru-Jun is still coughing a bit and was back to day care today. But now I have come down with her cold.)


sick day II July 24, 2012

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Ru-Jun is sick (cold) for a second day and unlike yesterday, I have no sitter today.  She’s getting better but had a fever overnight so can’t go to school (normal temp at the moment but that could be the Advil).  She is otherwise chipper so I’m bringing her to a meeting this morning and will rely on the  generosity of hopefully a graduate student student or two that she knows to be with her while I sit on a doctoral defense committee.


Ru-Jun sick July 23, 2012

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Fever today so she stayed home. Local sitter Jen came to be with her this afternoon as I had important meetings at work. She still had high fever this evening and is coughing, but is in good spirits. I’ve already asked Jen to come tomorrow as I have a Ph.D. defense that I must attend.


Not the best of days July 22, 2012

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Ru-Jun was pretty hard on me today.  Multiple semi-tantrums.  Pushing the limits of what she’s allowed to have.  She’s been relentless.  Had a lot of rage inside this afternoon.  It has subsided.  But the day is not over yet…