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Growth slowing down January 31, 2013

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At her 4 year well check, Ru-Jun was 50 percentile for both height and weight.  Her 5 year well check was today.  She has fallen behind the American norm.  She is now 25 percentile for height and 10 percentile for weight.  But I’m not worried.  She is eating very well. This is just her genotype showing itself.  And it may just be a blip.


Back to normal January 30, 2013

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Pretty much, today.  Ru-Jun is still coughing a bit but did well today at pre K.  We have a couple of warm days and then back to seasonable (30s) weather. 


Out sick today January 29, 2013

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Ru-Jun went with me to a dept meeting and my freshman seminar, which was just a brief introduction. She was pretty good. Then we went to the doctor. No infections, just asthma related irritation. Nebuluzer 3x a day for a while, which we know well. Back to school tomorrow, hopefully.


Ru-Jun slightly sick January 28, 2013

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Ru-Jun had to come home early today because of a sore throat and cough which caused her to throw up. This has happened with her hefore and she is not really that sick, just congested. She coughs up mostly mucous that she has swallowed. Trying to get her to rest and nap a bit now. I had to cancel the first weekly session of the Resposible Conduct of Research course that I run. We’ll just have to start that next week.


A nice birthday party January 27, 2013

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Four friends attended.  Unfortunately one could not come because of a cold.  We’ll try to see her next week.  Ru-Jun had a good day and she and all the kids were really good.  She conked out at about 7 for a nap and Shian-Ren and I had a quiet dinner.  Then she woke up and was in a pretty good mood for her dinner.  Semester starts for me tomorrow.  Back to the grind…


Pinata apples January 26, 2013

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Had one of these for the first time.  Good texture.  Kind of tart.


Might be a small party Sunday January 25, 2013

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So far only two of the six moms whose kids I invited to Ru-Jun’s birthday playdate Sunday have gotten back to me.