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Two birthday parties over the weekend August 19, 2014

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The one on Saturday was at a friends house (really nice house, really nice pool). Ru-Jun loved it (and she’s really good friends with the birthday girl). I met the birthday girl’s mom for the first time (she joined their K class mid-year last year). Talked with parents that I knew from other events the whole time. Really fun party.
The one on Sunday was at Country Fair, an entertainment park. Ru-Jun refused to go on the go carts with me so we didn’t go (more on this in later post, as we went back there yesterday). She had a bit of fun playing mini-golf (did that mostly independently, which was good to see) but was getting hot and hungry/thirsty at the end. Then after the party ceremonies she was in heaven in the arcade, playing games, getting tickets, cashing them in for prizes. She loved it.


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