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Mostly recovered March 26, 2014

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I was back to work by last Friday but it has taken a while (over the weekend) to get rehydrated again and even longer (still going on somewhat) to get my gut feeling back to normal again.  I’m trying to eat less these days as well.  I’m still a little headachy in the mornings, which may also have to do with the weather that we’ve been having.  But I’m mostly feeling normal now.


Another bout of eczema March 23, 2014

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Ru-Jun is going through another round of eczema on her neck, wrists, inside-elbows, and knee pits.  When these get damp or sweaty, she gets really itchy and scratches them into a rash, which often breaks the skin, especially in winter when the air is dry.  I have hopefully nipped this in the bud by forcing lotion on her (which she absolutely hates) a couple of times. I have to keep on her. Eczema is a terrible and very frustrating problem.


Much better but still tired

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Yesterday was a nice day but wind made it not very warm.  After Chinese class and lunch, Ru-Jun and I went to the playground for a couple of hours, which she really enjoyed. These days, I just sit and watch and listen to baseball games on my iPhone.  Ru-Jun is completely autonomous on the playground and can do everything by herself.  I remember wishing for these days over the last three years. She is fun to watch on the monkey bars and swings especially.  I was still rehydrating yesterday and headachy.  Today I was pretty much back to normal, although I am not eating as much as I was before I got sick and I may stay with that for a while.  I’m trying to lose weight anyway. We went to a birthday party of a classmate of hers at a place where kids paint plaster cast objects.  That was pretty fun and I talked with a couple of the other moms and dads that I have met at other gatherings. The rest of the day we played at home. Bath night tonight – I am waiting for Ru-Jun to finish her spinach.


today was rough March 21, 2014

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It’s taking a while to recover from this bug.  I get tired easily and my body aches.  Also, I didn’t do myself any favors by mostly going off caffeine, but coffee didn’t make my stomach feel good. The weather consisted of bright sun but also cold wind.  Lot’s of temperature changes, which gave me a bit of sweats and chills.  I was probably a bit feverish.  But I got through a couple of meetings, got a bit of work done on a manuscript, got Ru-Jun to dinner and dance (she crashed hard on the way home and hopefully will stay asleep), got Shian-Ren’s dinner ready and did my Chinese homework.  Collapsing soon.


Spring break almost over March 20, 2014

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I had hoped to get more done but getting sick really put a damper on things.  I got some required work done for my course and a little bit of reading for one of my projects.  Oh well. I’m done teaching so hopefully my productivity for the rest of the semester will be higher.


Not spring yet

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Today and the next couple of days are going to be nice but we are due for more cold weather early next week.  The polar vortex keeps dipping down and giving us 1-3 day cold spells. Most of April could be chilly.


Laid out by a stomach bug

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Tuesday night through yesterday I was down with a stomach bug, the kind that makes you purge from both ends.  I must have thrown up at least 8 times.  Min helped a lot.  I couldn’t even get up to get Ru-Jun ready for school so she stayed home.  Min stayed until 8 to give Shian-Ren and Ru-Jun their dinner and help Shian-Ren go to bed.  I was much better today and getting back into the swing, but still very easily exhausted. My back is really tired. Hopefully back to fully normal tomorrow.