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Much better but still tired March 23, 2014

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Yesterday was a nice day but wind made it not very warm.  After Chinese class and lunch, Ru-Jun and I went to the playground for a couple of hours, which she really enjoyed. These days, I just sit and watch and listen to baseball games on my iPhone.  Ru-Jun is completely autonomous on the playground and can do everything by herself.  I remember wishing for these days over the last three years. She is fun to watch on the monkey bars and swings especially.  I was still rehydrating yesterday and headachy.  Today I was pretty much back to normal, although I am not eating as much as I was before I got sick and I may stay with that for a while.  I’m trying to lose weight anyway. We went to a birthday party of a classmate of hers at a place where kids paint plaster cast objects.  That was pretty fun and I talked with a couple of the other moms and dads that I have met at other gatherings. The rest of the day we played at home. Bath night tonight – I am waiting for Ru-Jun to finish her spinach.


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