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Another bout of eczema March 23, 2014

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Ru-Jun is going through another round of eczema on her neck, wrists, inside-elbows, and knee pits.  When these get damp or sweaty, she gets really itchy and scratches them into a rash, which often breaks the skin, especially in winter when the air is dry.  I have hopefully nipped this in the bud by forcing lotion on her (which she absolutely hates) a couple of times. I have to keep on her. Eczema is a terrible and very frustrating problem.


2 Responses to “Another bout of eczema”

  1. Allen T. Says:

    Does she not like lotion at all or just the type of lotion she’s adverse to?

    • lioutrue Says:

      She doesn’t like lotion because it is cold and doesn’t dry quickly. She likes to do it herself if she is going to get it. Sometimes I can force it but she wants me to rub my hands together to warm it up and then really rub it in until it is basically gone.

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