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a few days of melting February 21, 2014

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Today, tomorrow, and Sunday will be into the 40s, helping to melt all this snow.  But we probably won’t lose it all before it gets cold again (really cold, actually).  I’m hoping to be able to get it all off the driveway (the distal 3rd of the driveway I haven’t been shoveling).


Nice play date today February 20, 2014

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Ru-Jun played at a bounce place with her friend Leah today. Leah’s mom had tickets and was with them while I went to a meeting. It went really well. Leah couldn’t make Ru-Jun’s party so this was a replacement for that. Hopefully they can get together again soon.


some melting February 19, 2014

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Today we finally got a little melting. There was actually a thunderstorm in the early evening. The polar vortex is returning in a week. It will be ridiculously cold for late Feb. for a few days then.  Just have to get through it.


Staying home today February 18, 2014

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Our snow is ending with mixed precip.  It was pretty heavy for a while this morning – looks like we got 3-4″ total.  It will be sloppy to clean up.  We rescheduled Shian-Ren’s dental appointment and I finished my part of tomorrow’s exam and sent it to our staff member. I’ll get out there and clean it up pretty soon – as soon as it stops precipitating. Ru-Jun is having fun making messes with her gifts. This morning she has a sand art kit out.  Lots of sweeping later.


1st day of winter break February 17, 2014

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The first day of Ru-Jun’s winter break went well.  She slept in while I went to school to teach my class. She played with Shian-Ren and Min and had some stuff to eat and all went well.  I got back a little after noon. I don’t have to go in tomorrow and we will be getting some more snow. Shian-Ren has a dental appointment at 11. We’ll see if we need to reschedule that.


the party went well February 16, 2014

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We had about 26 kids and 30 adults. But the place was really good and everyone had a great time.  Ru-Jun was really good and was very gracious. It was great to see all the parents, some we haven’t seen in a long time.  Our friends Qinghong and Jae came too. They and Barbara helped us get all the stuff home (the gift haul was like two Christmases, out of hand).


Nori February 15, 2014

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My former student sent some nori snacks from Taiwan that Shian-Ren used to get a lot and Ru-Jun has always loved.  They have virtually no calories or nutrition and are salty.  Ru-Jun can’t get enough of them.  For a while we’ve been thinking of trying to order rice rolled in nori at a sushi place for her.  Next time I get some rolls for dinner I’m going to try it.