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Survived another snow day February 5, 2014

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We had a pretty good day.  Got outside at 2 and got the shoveling done, which was hard and tiring, by 3:30.  Ru-Jun and I then walked to her friend Claire’s house two blocks away.  We talked to her Mom but Clair was not home; so they’ll play another day.  Ru-Jun unfortunately took a 3 hour nap starting at 6.  That gave Shian-Ren and me a quiet evening together but now Ru-Jun is awake and finishing her dinner, making for a late night and putting off her shower for a night.  Oh well.  In other news, the crown on my root-canaled tooth fell off when I was chewing down on a Starburst.  So I’ll have to get that put back on.


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