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Christmas cards done. December 23, 2013

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Did the Christmas cards tonight and will send them out tomorrow.  Had some help from Ru-Jun on stamps and Grandpa on envelope sealing.  Here is the text:

Holiday and New Year Greetings to Everyone!

We hope you all are having a nice Holiday Season.  This has been a year of continuing change for us. Ru-Jun started kindergarten in September and is enjoying it and doing well. At home, she has three aquaria containing 1 betta, 1 goldfish, 1 guppy, 2 golden dojo loaches, 2 algae eaters, and 7 neon tetras, and an uncounted number of snails of all sizes. She enjoys keeping track of all these and drawing fish and snails and telling fish and snail stories. She is also in a Scooby Doo phase right now, which hopefully will not last (but what will come next?) Shian-Ren completed some more therapy at St. Charles in Port Jefferson and has been improving in many abilities. Her current pastimes are researching plants and cooking and trying things out in the kitchen with Mignion, her aide. I spent the fall with a heavy teaching load and will be a bit less weighed down in the spring and hope to get a few papers out and get back into the lab more. We took three trips this year: one to Palmyra to see my parents and brother Steve’s family and two to Massachusetts to see my cousin Melissa’s family and a friend of ours north of there. So things are gradually getting back to normalcy for us.  We hope to visit Taiwan sometime in the next few years. We hope all of you have a peaceful and relaxing Holiday Season and a prosperous and healthy New Year.

(John is Tralfaz Wizard on Facebook and tralf2009 on Twitter.) Shian-Ren, Ru-Jun, and John


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