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water from the ceiling July 20, 2013

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This happened once before.  Condensation from the upstairs AC unit heat exchanger, which is in the attic, goes out a pipe to the roof where it trickles down to the front gutter, when needed.  But the pipe to the roof must clog up or get overloaded (it’s a 1″ or so wide pipe that goes out through a <1/2″ hole) so the water then goes down through the wall to the 1st floor celining near the front door.  From the look of the stucco this has happened more than a couple of times before.  It happened this evening and it took a while snooping with a flashlight in the attic to reconfirm that this indeed was the problem.  The pipe is visible on the other side of the heat exchanger but it is very inaccessible unless one can get to the other side of the heat exchanger or move it, neither of which I can do. But I assume that A/C guys routinely do this kind of thing.  The drip stopped while the 2nd floor was still getting down to temperature and the trickle on the roof was still moving, so the pipe isn’t totally clogged.  If it weren’t for this really hot weak we probably wouldn’t have a problem at all.  I’ll monitor the situation tomorrow (supposed to be cooler) and maybe call the A/C guys on Monday.


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