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A fun trip July 15, 2013

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It was a bit exhausting for all of us but the trip went well and was pretty fun.  I’m so glad we decided to do it. The weather started out cloudy and misty and the ferry ride over was choppy, which was unexpected for summer.  But we dealt with it OK.  Ru-Jun was kind of impatient on the ~2 hour car ride up and did not nap (although she probably needed it).  She loved the hotel (just like in Cail.) and was OK at my friend’s house although we did not get any interactions going between her and my friend’s rather shy 10 and 12 yo but that’s OK. We had a great visit and had some take out pizza for dinner.  It was so great connecting with someone I had only known online but with whom I have a lot in common.  We will definitely seem them again.

We went to the hotel after that and had a somewhat early night (for us) and a good sleep.  Then we had a great time at my cousin’s house, seeing her and her two sisters entire families and my Aunt and Uncle. Ru-Jun had a great time in the pool. It was really great seeing everyone.  It had been a long time and we had not met any of their kids before now. We plan to see my cousin’s family regularly after this hopefully; maybe a couple times a year.  Overall, a great trip and the trip itself turned out easier than expected and should only get easier as Ru-Jun gets older.  Shian-Ren enjoyed herself and it wasn’t too stressful for her (she is pretty tough) even though it was very hot.  We were all exhausted when we got back pretty late last night (return ferry trip was very smooth) and I am a bit exhausted today still.  But we managed to get things going as a normal Monday today.  We will be going up to Palmyra in a few weeks with Min and possibly her daughter coming along with us.  That is a much longer trip but should be fun.


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