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Back to studying Chinese June 8, 2013

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I started studying Chinese again this week after unearthing my 12 sets of 100 flash cards that were stored away in the basement.  I last studied these (or Chinese at all except for a few classes I went to in Dec. 2011) in 2009.  I’ve gotten the first 100 memorized for saying, reading, and writing and the 2nd 100 for reading. This is from spending 30 min to 1 hour a day on them. For verbal practice I resubscribed to, which I was listening to way back in 2005-2006.  These are fun dialogues with the same people who were doing them back then.  I also have the first five volumes of the One Piece manga series that Jane Chou sent me from Taiwan.  These are in traditional Chinese and I know the story from watching the anime on (it’s my favorite TV show these days).  I’m really happy to be studying again and hope I can keep it up.


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