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possibly goodbye to alcohol May 28, 2013

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My fatty liver issue (from about 6 years ago) has come back, revealed by recent blood work and a liver sonogram (although the most recent liver panel was normal).  Met with the gastroenterologist today. In some ways this is a relief that it was this and not something new.  But the causes are obscure.  I am not obese (although I am 10-15 pounds above ideal weight, and getting to that weight with diet and exercise is something I will begin immediately) and I don’t have type II diabetes.  I am also not in the ethnic groups with elevated risk of this condition.  But the doctor said that it’s best to have zero alcohol consumption, so that’s unfortunately what I’ll do.  Too bad because I really like beer with certain foods (and generally with dinner) and I like trying various wines.  Oh well…



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