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inability to share attention May 2, 2013

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This also comes up whenever I am talking to another adult or talking on the phone, but Ru-Jun, and she acknowledges this but is yet unable to control it, really hates it when I am giving my attention to someone else.  Today it happened at her day care.  It was a beautiful day and I knew they would be outside at pickup time.  So I quit working early and took my uke over there to play some songs for the kids outside.  I had not told Ru-Jun I was going to do this today but I had mentioned that I wanted to do it sometime.  Ru-Jun acted tired and crabby and protested and I only managed to get a few songs in.  The other kids really liked it but I needed to get Ru-Jun out of there.  She had not really napped, according to her, but it turns out that she wasn’t really that tired.  We talked about it and she admitted that the problem was that I was paying attention to the other kids and not solely to her.  We talked about how she needs to get over this and also that I’d like to do this again and maybe she and a teacher can do something else while I am playing for the other kids.


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