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Dress Rehearsal Fiasco April 26, 2013

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Ru-Jun and I missed the dress rehearsal for her ballet recital this afternoon.  We were actually at the site early (a high school) but there were no signs up and no way of knowing that it was the right place.  There were other possibilities, so I figured: no signs, not the right place.  After checking a few other locations that might be called the same school, we ended up at her dance studio, where they told me that we had the right place to begin with and to go back there and have Ru-Jun go through the routine and positioning with her teachers by herself; they’ll take the time because they want the kids to have been there and seen what to do.  So we showed up and the teachers went through it with Ru-Jun and she did great.  They were very understanding and it all turned out OK.  Still, this place needs to think more about logistics and needs to share information better.  I don’t expect that we will be re-enrolling with them in the fall.  On top of the logistical issues, they are expensive and seem to have some pretty extravagant expenses for parents built into their business plan.


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