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Change in sitter situation March 16, 2013

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Turns out Ru-Jun really does not like going over to her Saturday sitter’s house. It’s not the family orvthe other girl they take care of. They are very sweet and she loves them all. It’s more about going sonewhere else. On her days off if she isn’t with me or someone she know very well, she wants to stay home. She suggested being sat at home. I thought this was reasonable, so I am in the process of recruiting a local sitter on Today it came to a head and I could not get her going out the door to the sitter’s. I called Barbara just to see if she was home and to get advice on the situation. Turns out that Barbara, from talking to one of Ru-Jun’s teachers at the party last weekend, knew that Ru-Jun was super stressed out by going to the sitters every Saturday. I knew it wasn’t her favorite thing in the world but I didn’t think her feelings were that intense. Barbara geneously offered to gave her come over today so that’s where she was today when I went to lab.


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