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Made it through the storm February 9, 2013

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I taught my 11AM class yesterday then picked up Ru-Jun from day care and we got home by about 1.  It was sleeting at Stony Brook and snowing by the time we got home.  Then about 30″ proceeded to fall by 9AM this morning.  Managed to get it all cleared in two stages, with help from Sergio, our neighbor, who has a bigger snow blower than mine.  In the late afternoon I did the back porch, finished the driveway, and dug out the van and moved it.  A large cedar branch fell on the back of the garage, but from the inside of the garage it does not appear to have put a hole in the roof.  I’ll have a better look when the snow is melted off the roof.  Dave, the neighborhood handy dude, can help me get the branch off and cut it up.  Ru-Jun was good.  She went out with me both times, briefly, then was good inside with Shian-Ren while I was out (> 1 hour each time).  Our aide did not come today, which was expected.  This is a once per decade or more storm and our area got the worst of any place (which was not predicted; Boston was supposed to get it worst). It’s pretty satisfying having dug out from this in one day.  Shoveling and snow blowing are good for the soul.


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