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Shopping done (mostly) December 23, 2012

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We got the groceries for the next few days.  Tomorrow we need to get a few things at the drug store and Staples (for sending out the Christmas cards).  Here is the text of our 2012 Christmas card:

2012 has been another year of recover for us. Ru-Jun will be 5 soon and has really grown in pre-school, where she is one of the oldest kids. She discovered a love of Pokemon, thanks in part to Shian-Ren and my love for Pokemon while we were in graduate school and some toys we had around from that time. Ru-Jun can write her name and count to at least 30 and should be ready for the rigors of kindergarten next fall. Shian-Ren continued to work through therapy and home exercise, thanks to the loving assistance of our aide Min, and is improving and feeling great. She just got a new walker at home so she can work on walking every day. John had a busy teaching year and is gradually getting back into the lab with a few long term projects. Ru-Jun likes to come to lab on weekends and supervise the Drosophila work. Our home life is very nice and we have a very manageable daily schedule. We had a very easy winter last year so maybe this one will be more winter-like. We were very fortunate to get through Sandy with only a brief power loss and no property damage. Most others were not as lucky and the entire region continues to recover. We hope all of you have a peaceful and relaxing Holiday Season and a healthy and prosperous New Year.


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