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Not our best weekend September 23, 2012

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Although things have improved this evening.  Ru-Jun was behind on sleep and not a lot of stuff went well yesterday, although we had a nice play date here with Emma, Barbara, Cater, and Emily.  Then Ru-Jun and I went to the SBU football game, which was a huge crowd.  We didn’t stay long.  Then we went to Burger King for dinner.  Ru-Jun caught up on sleep at the sitters today but was still pretty uncooperative at dinner (her only real meal the entire weekend; the rest was snacks and sugary stuff – and fast food). After a bath she has gotten good again and is playing energetically. Might be a chore to get her to sleep tonight.  That’s the job I hate the most.  I really really hate that I have to get her to sleep.  It seems like, no it is, an imposition.


Impossible September 22, 2012

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Any successful scientist who has kids did not provide more than 50% of the hands-on parental care.  For male scientists, the percentage of parental care very likely averages much lower than this.  These are simple facts.


There was a moment September 21, 2012

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this afternoon after Ru-Jun’s dance lesson (which went well) when we were in the store and I was folding to want after want of hers, that I envisioned myself in a Hieronymus Bosch-seque purgatory of craziness.  It eventually passed and we’ve had a pretty good evening.  I’m tired, though.  And trying not to think about how behind I am at work…


Ru-Jun’s health September 20, 2012

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Ru-Jun has been healthy enough the past couple of months to go to day care. But she hasn’t been without problems. She has had sinus congestion the last couple of weeks, which appears to be allergy, but hasn’t cleared up. She also had a recurring pock-like viral infection (what the doctor said it was last visit, although she wasn’t specific) in places that she itches a lot (elbow pits and knee pits).  This has pretty much cleared up.  We’ll probably see the doctor in the next month or so for flu shots.  We’ll see how she is then and maybe find out about what has been going on.


Anger September 19, 2012

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Still have a lot.  Still hard to keep it suppressed.  It comes out.  For good reason most times, I believe. Ru-Jun is used to it from me.  She handles it OK. Tonight was not fair.  I am exhausted and she got a nap today (unusual; her pre-K teachers have been having her just rest most days, but today she got up early and I’m sure she was dragging).


It’s been a while September 18, 2012

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since my last visit with the psychologist I’ve been seeing once a month since last year.  I had to put off an appointment for almost another months due to too much stuff going on.  Dr. Wang and I have great conversations.  Very relaxing and enjoyable. Next Monday is my next appointment.


Pokemon September 17, 2012

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Shian-Ren and I were sort of into Pokemon in the 90s, when the original series was on US TV on Saturday mornings and the toys were being given away with kids meals at Burger King.  Thanks to that stuff, which Ru-Jun made us pull out recently, and a more recent series showing on the Boomerang kids’ network, she has been getting into them.  Today was probably the first day when she talked more about Pokemon than Star Wars.