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exit Star Wars, enter Pokemon September 28, 2012

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It started with Ru-Jun forcing me to get out some stuff we had stored in the closet, which were Pokemon toys from Burger King that Shian-Ren and I had collected in the late 90s in Madison.  Thus she learned about Pokemon.  Then she started watching Pokemon Battle Frontier on Kaboom, one of the kids cable’ channels.  She really started to get into it.  Then we got a Pokemon poster of the original 151 Pokemon (replacing one that we had given away to a graduate student some years ago).  Now she is watching the original episodes on DVD on her portable DVD player.  She also has a binder that we are filling with printed out pictures of her (and Shian-Ren’s and my) favorite Pokemon.  She has gradually stopped thinking about and talking about Star Wars.  I think Pokemon is much better for her age, for obvious reasons.  It’s pretty fun seeing her get into this series that we ourselves were a bit into as well…


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