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very frustrating September 8, 2012

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Ru-Jun is very tired and very behind on sleep from the week.  No naps at school or at her sitter’s today.  She was pretty bad about dinner.  And later she fell asleep watching TA on the ipad in her room.  This was a little after 9.  So we hoped she would be down for the night.  But instead she woke up very uncomfortable and crying.  Her sinuses are clogged as they have been most of the week and she keep trying to blast air through her nose even though I tell her to stop trying.  Now she’s lying next to me watching the iPad.  I’ll see if she can get to sleep sometime in the next hour or two.  Sleep, especially weekend sleep, is a huge problem.  Might have to take her to the doctor this week, even though I don’t really have time on any of the days.  The sinus stuff needs to end.


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