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Grandma and Grandpa visiting August 31, 2012

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[supposed to have posted at about 10PM Thursday night 30-Aug but WordPress is currently not working correctly]

Ru-Jun had a bad evening last night (as described) and a not very good morning, obedience wise. Grandma and Grandpa arrived here this evening for a week and a half. She has been good. She is no longer napping at day care. In their final year they are “resters” on the couch for a little while instead of “nappers” in the nap room for a longer while. This is her first week of this. She is accumulating a sleep debt I think, but not yet to the point of collapsing at a time earlier than normal sleep time. I have to say that aside from last night, her tired behavior is improved over what it was a year or so ago on days in which she did not nap.


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